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K'áan was concibed from Grupo JOAL®'s area of design and programming as an internal and external service programming provider, under the identity of K'ÁAN Software and Internet; house development software for desktop and web sites.

Two years later, given the advancement of technology, new trends in programming and the increasing integrationand distributed platforms, forces us to specialize deeper on internet technologies; that currently, almost all of our developments are supported on this platform.

Observing how many traditional businesses have migrated to the internet and every day desktop applications migrate to this platform, along with the exponential growth of services related; we believe we have taken appropriate decisions, time before other companies.

Are you ready for the diversity of devices and access points?
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Our services

Responsive Design

Avoid problems and misunderstandings. A device agnostic website (RWD) speaks about your company. Its interface, user friendly, provides a single address to be accessed, avoiding duplication or unpleasant experiences.

Architectural Integration

A system must consider the visual part, as technological elements and usability experience for the user. Proper design allows complete business objectives by selecting the most appropriate and balanced options.

Standards & Compatibility

A stable website must follow the international standards. This will allow you to target more customers, improving accessibility and reducing maintenance costs and site redesign.

Customization & Flexibility

Different needs, different budgets. We have a variety of solutions to suit your requirements; from basic template-based solutions, to specific developments in technology.

Teamwork and mutual collaboration achieve greater results
"Whoever learns something new, takes the responsibility to teach others." - Anonymous

Free resources

Our developments are based on open technologies and standards such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Javascript, XML and others in order to provide robust and easy to maintain systems code. This has also invited us to collaborate with the movement of free software development, offering the community several utilities and libraries free of charge, as well as other services.

Programs and frameworks

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Together we will find the best solution; regardless of you being an entrepreneur or a large corporation.

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